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Cecilia & Brandon A Graylyn Estate Wedding

  1. Carol Burke says:

    The beautiful photography captures the most beautiful day of 2023; October 30, 2023 for a beautiful love story to be turned into

    Best wishes to Cecelia and Brandon for a long and happy marriage with a perfect beginning.

    Carol Burke

  2. Marcelle Jones says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Cecilia is beautiful & looks so Happy! Glad she found her life long love in Brandon. May God Bless this beautiful couple forever and ever!!

  3. Kim Brown says:

    The pictures are so good and captured the joy that filled the afternoon. Congratulations Cecilia and Brandon and May you have a blessed life together.

  4. Lin Snow says:

    The photographer caught the sheer joy and love of this wedding. Best wishes to Cecilia and Brandon for a marriage made in heaven! And thank you Adrianne for capturing it so beautifully!

  5. jennifer Thoppil says:

    Lin !!!
    Your presence made it all the more meaningful . Observant and blessed with good taste in both the conservative and avant-garde you made it very special.
    Jen and Cecil.

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